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Genus types inside the troposphere, the atmospheric layer closest to Earth's surface area, have Latin names as a result of universal adoption of Luke Howard's nomenclature that was formally proposed in 1802. It grew to become The idea of a contemporary Intercontinental program that divides clouds into five Bodily kinds which can be even further divided or categorized into altitude ranges to derive ten standard genera. The key agent cloud sorts for each of such sorts are stratus, cirrus, stratocumulus, cumulus, and cumulonimbus. Low-amount clouds would not have any altitude-related prefixes. Nevertheless mid-level stratiform and stratocumuliform varieties are given the prefix alto- while higher-stage varients of those similar two kinds carry the prefix cirro-.

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In the ancient Greek comedy The Clouds, penned by Aristophanes and initially carried out at the town Dionysia in 423 BC, the philosopher Socrates declares the Clouds are the one accurate deities[166] and tells the leading character Strepsiades never to worship any deities in addition to the Clouds, but to pay homage to them on your own.[166] While in the play, the Clouds alter shape to expose the correct nature of whoever is taking a look at them,[167][166][168] turning into centaurs with the sight of a long-haired politician, wolves in the sight of the embezzler Simon, deer for the sight in the coward Cleonymus, and mortal Females in the sight of your effeminate informer Cleisthenes.

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The yellow coloration is because of the existence of pollutants within the smoke. Yellowish clouds are because of the existence of nitrogen dioxide and are sometimes found in urban locations with higher air pollution levels.[117]

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Cirriform clouds during the troposphere are of your genus cirrus and also have the looks of detached or semimerged filaments. They variety at higher tropospheric altitudes in air that is usually steady with little if any convective activity, While denser patches could from time to time clearly show buildups due to limited substantial-amount convection the place the air is partly unstable.

Supplementary features and accessory clouds usually are not further more subdivisions of cloud types down below the species and range amount. Rather, They're both hydrometeors or special cloud kinds with their unique Latin names that form in association with selected cloud genera, species, and versions.

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When the mom cloud retains Considerably of its original type after the appearance of The brand new genus, it really is termed a genitus cloud. One example of this is stratocumulus cumulogenitus, a stratocumulus cloud shaped by the partial spreading of a cumulus kind when You will find there's loss of convective elevate. In the event the mom cloud undergoes a complete modify in genus, it can be thought to be a mutatus cloud.[98]

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